Chetan Bhagat Can’t Believe He Was Chief Guest At ISRO Event & Twitter Can’t Either

Most of us have seen and questioned the weird or seemingly odd choices of judges on several TV reality shows. After all, we wonder how can an actor who simply lipsyncs in movies, can judge a singing competition? Or how can an author decide who is a better dancer on a dance reality show?

Speaking of it, Chetan Bhagat had earlier faced flak from the audience when he sat on the judge’s chair on a dance reality show a few years back. Bhagat, who has penned many Indian bestsellers is once again under the netizens’ radar. This time for being a chief guest at ISRO’s World Space Week celebrations.

Chetan Bhagat recently took to Twitter to share pictures from the ISRO’s event. Calling it his ‘own moon-landing moment’, Bhagat said he can’t believe he was chosen to be a chief guest by one of India’s finest organizations.

He wrote, “Really honored to be the Chief Guest at ISRO for the recent celebrations of the World Space Week. I can’t believe one of India’s finest organizations chose me to address them. Truly a big moment of my life – my own moon landing!”

Apparently, this reality was too much for Desi Twitter as well and his post was in no time flooded with hilarious reactions. While some said ‘mistakes happen’, others questioned ‘what went wrong with ISRO?’

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What’s your take on Chetan Bhagat’s stint as a chief guest at ISRO? Tell us!

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