Video Of Chester Talking About His Fight With Depression Is A Wake Up Call For All Of Us

I told my therapist at one point, “I don’t want to feel anything.”

Speaking from personal experience, people have the tendency to belittle any emotional trauma when discussed with them. “There are so many people going through so much worse.” “There are cancer patients fighting for their lives. Why are you cribbing?” “Snap out of it. There’s so much suffering out there in the world. That’s real.” Half of the world doesn’t even acknowledge depression as a real problem, and the other half that does, thinks that if you have basic things in your life like a ‘job, family, love interest etc.’ then you don’t have the right to feel depressed.

Each one of us is just as relevant as the next. Linkin Park Frontman Chester Bennington who allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself had spoken about depression before, and he addressed every single problem that the world tends to ignore. He talked about how none of us are immune to making poor choices, and being human. He talked about his struggle and how he didn’t want to ‘feel anything at one point in his life.’ A man who openly acknowledged that his suffering is self inflicted and he’s suffering from depression gave up on life, and there are so many people who don’t even know the amount of trauma they make themselves go through.

The world has to get up and acknowledge the problem of severe depression. From parents to lovers, to friends, to teachers, to employers; please don’t be ignorant if people around you show signs of depression. Educate yourself first, and then extend a helping hand whenever needed.

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