Chennai’s Sewage Infested Lane Turned Into Playground For Kids By Local Residents


Recently, a Bengaluru dumping yard was transformed into a beautiful park for senior citizens. The entire project was carried out by the residents of the neighbourhood who realised that the dumping yard had become a cesspool of diseases. It is always great to see locals joining hands to make their surroundings a better place.

Speaking of which, residents of one housing locality in Chennai came together to clean and beautify a sewage lane and turned it into a fun playing area for kids.

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According to a report by The New Indian Express, in a street near H-Block, Kotturpuram housing tenements, an unbearable stench came from broken sewage pipes that leaked into the road. This made the residents very uncomfortable and they decided to do something about it.

So, they went on to collect Rs. 50 from each of the 48 houses in the locality. They used the money to paint the walls and manholes and clean the street completely. Corporation workers were called to fix the pipes and clean the sewage.

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The street walls were painted mostly by school kids who drew pictures of popular cartoon characters and animals. The main intention for involving kids into this cleaning drive was to “sensitise” them regarding the issue of clean spaces.

A local artist was hired to paint the manholes which were later coloured blue and green with square patterns made with sponges. The street is now entirely clean and makes for a beautiful area for kids to play in. People from other localities are also willing to do the same with their streets.

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“People used to throw garbage here carelessly. Once children started painting, people started peeping out of their windows. They were delighted and joined hands too,” said a resident who was part of the cleaning drive.

This goes on to prove that good things happen when citizens join hands for a public cause. We hope more localities are inspired to do the same!

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