Temples In Chennai & Coimbatore Are Decorated With Currency Notes To Celebrate Tamil New Year

Amidst the outrage in the country regarding the heinous religious hate crime committed against a young girl in Kathua, three religious festivals coincided.

14th April marks the beginning of the Tamil New Year, Puthandu. It is celebrated as Vishu in Kerala, Bihu in Assam and Pana Sankranti in Odisha. It is also Baisakhi today, a harvest festival.

To celebrate the beginning of a traditional new year, Bala Vinaynagar Temple in Chennai’s Arumbakkam was decorated with Indian currency notes worth ₹4 lakhs.

As reported by ANI, the temple is decorated with currency every year. Not just the idol, the pillars and ceilings of the temple is also covered in currency notes. Devotees can be seen seeking blessings from the Pandit on this auspicious day.

Watch the video here:

Not just that, the idol at Sri Muthumariamman Temple at Coimbatore was decorated with currency worth ₹4 Crores and diamonds & pearls worth ₹1 crore for the celebration.

In a series of tweets, PM Narendra Modi wished all the regionals for their respective festivals in English as well as regional languages. He also tweeted about India is proud of its diversity.

For Baisakhi.

For Maha Vishuba Sankranti or Pana Sankranti.

For Bihu.

For Poila Boishakh for Bengalis.

For Vishu.

Lastly, for Puthandu.

Both the temples look astoundingly beautiful and the deities look surreal decorated in Indian currency. Don’t you think?