Chennai Man Turns Savior, Reads 3 Newspapers Daily Just To Find & Help Those In Need

During these trying times of the coronavirus outbreak, locals have time and again proved how they might be quarantined, but their humanity isn’t. For instance, Indore residents helping to restock a little boy’s egg cart after it was toppled by officials or Mumbai’s mother-son duo who prepare and serve meals to 200 people every day.

As per a report in TOI, a 47-year old Chennai resident named R. Ajith Kumar has turned out to be a savior for other people in the city.

Ever since the lockdown began, he has been reading three newspapers- one in English, and the other two in Tamil. He carries out this process to find stories of people in need, and further goes on to contact the reporters for details and sends resources from his own pocket to help the distressed. “This way, I know these are genuine cases. I don’t like middlemen so I call them directly and do whatever I can,” Ajith says.

As per Times Now, he has already helped a long list of people.  He deposited money into the bank account of an artist with a disability, whose stage performance was at a halt due to lockdown. He gave food packets to workers from Bihar, funded children’s education, counseled parents who lost their jobs, and opened two Thuli Trust stores where people can donate clothes for the poor.

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Meanwhile, in Srikakulam, a retired chief electricity engineer named CVN Murthy has been contributing Rs. 50,000 from his pension amount every month to feed the poor since the past two-and-a-half years, reports The New Indian Express.

People like these are teaching us how to keep our humanity alive and never take our privilege for granted. We salute all the good samaritans who are not letting the fear of the pandemic inhibit them from doing their bit.

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