Brave Chennai Man Fights Attackers Who Came To Murder Him, Chases Them With A Machete

When you come face to face with danger, you get two options – fight or flight. To fight back takes an immense amount of courage, as was shown by one Chennai man who was recently attacked.

According to a report by TOI, M M Murthy, an AIADMK functionary and former councillor in Chennai, was recently attacked on road by 4 armed men. Instead of running away, Murthy was quick to decide to face his attackers.

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He snatched a machete from one of the armed men and chased his attackers away. In the process, he ended up striking one attacker with the weapon, thereby injuring him. The incident took place in Ayapakkam.

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The attackers were members of a gang led by one man named Prabhakaran. Murthy and Prabhakar were not in good terms. It is believed that Murthy had bailed out a man who had attacked Prabhakaran, for which the latter hatched a plan to kill the former.

The attackers, including Prabhakaran, targetted Murthy recently on road, encircled him, and attacked him. In an act of self-defence, Murthy struck back. The man he ended up injuring was Prabhakaran himself.

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However, putting aside his anger, he called for help for Prabhakaran. Murthy warned his attacker and left the spot. Prabhakaran was then taken to a hospital and his condition is now critical. Murthy too was admitted to a hospital to treat his injuries.

The police have booked the 4 attackers for an attempt to murder. No case has been filed against Murthy as his attack was an act of self-defence.

This man has shown immense bravery. Kudos to him!

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