Chennai: Son Dumps Elderly Mother In Thorny Bushes, Cops Then Rescue The Crying Woman

A shocking incident has come to light from a village near Chennai when some residents going to the riverbed at around 8 PM on Thursday heard a woman’s feeble cries in pain as she was trapped amid thorny bushes. Soon, the 108 ambulance was alerted and the police was informed about the incident.

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Kalpana Dutt, who is the Ponneri assistant superintendent of police, said, “The older woman needed immediate medical attention. The team from the Ponneri police station led by the inspector Martin Premraj rescued her and sent her to hospital.”

As per a report in TOI, the octogenarian woman has been identified as Gandhimati of Sekadu near Manali. She narrated her ordeal, informing the police that she has two sons- Ravi who is a mason, and Sankar who is a fortune-teller. She used to stay at their homes in alternate weeks.

When her elder son Ravi refused to take care of her, she stayed at Sankar’s house for the past few weeks. Then, early on Thursday, Sankar took his mother on his bike, along with his friend who rode pillion on the two-wheeler. They shockingly abandoned her in the bushes and sped away.

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S Aravindhan, who is the Tiruvallur district superintendent stated, “We have not registered a case as of now. We will register a case if she is willing to complain about her sons.” Currently, she has been admitted to an orphanage, after her treatment at Ponneri GH, Times Now reports.

This is a completely appalling incident, one of many that have been reported or left unreported in recent times. A survey report by Agewell Foundation based on the respondents in different parts of the country revealed that cases of abuse and neglect of the elderly increased by 71% during the coronavirus lockdown.

We wish strict action is taken against the sons for this gross mistreatment and we hope Gandhimati recovers soon.

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