After An 18 YO Girl Caught For Cheating Kills Herself, 300 Angry Students Torch The University

Cheating in exams is something all of us have witnessed or done ourselves at some point in our lives when we were too lazy to study for that one test and decided to spend our time making cheat sheets instead. However, as thrilling as it is, the repercussions of being caught in the act are dire.

A similar incident happened in Chennai at Sathyabama University when a girl was caught cheating in her semester exams from a 10×12 paper. The invigilators informed the other officials and she was asked to leave the examination hall.

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However, the incident did not end there. Ashamed and humiliated by her ordeal, the 18-year-old girl, a first-year Computer Science student from Andhra Pradesh committed suicide after texting her twin brother who was writing his exam in the same hall.

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The brother saw her text message only after the exam finished and rushed to her hostel room where she was found hanging. She was rushed to the hospital where she was declared dead. Following this incident, the students of the university, after dinner, torched furniture at the college.

The university officials told Times Of India that there was no unrest until dinner time, and the students had eaten their dinner peacefully in the mess. Authorities have stated that it is not clear whether the unrest has any link to the death of the student.

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Reportedly, about 300 students were outraged over the death of the girl and set the college library on fire, demanding justice for her. It is also being said that the authorities are thinking about declaring leave because of the violence.

Teachers have to be sensitive while dealing with such issues especially with students who may have an adverse reaction to reprimanding. While the incident is extremely tragic, suicide is never the answer.

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