Chennai College Students Celebrate ‘No Bag Day’, Bring Bucket, Pressure Cooker & Boxes Instead

When you imagine a student, you always picture them with a bag on their shoulders because, how else are they supposed to carry their things? However, Women’s Christian College in Chennai celebrates a day called No Bag Day. You would think that ‘no bag’ means ‘no study’. But that’s not the case. Students are expected to tap into their creativity and come up with other ways to carry their things!

So recently, when WCC celebrated No Bag Day, female students turned up with the most bizarre objects. Forget carry bags, the girls arrived with things like buckets, pressure cookers, shoe boxes, laundry baskets, pillow covers and what not!

A video of the incident was shared by an Instagram account @vaazhka_dude and it’s all shades awesome. Have a look at the video here:


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A post shared by Wins & Ifra (@vaazhka_dude)

Aside from obviously being blown away by the objects carried by the girls, people online began choosing their favourites. And it’s safe to say that ‘blue bucket’ and ‘pressure cooker’ won. 😛

This makes me want to go back to college right now! 😀

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