Kerala Couple’s ‘Chemistry’ Wedding Card Is So Good, Even Shashi Tharoor Is Impressed!

A chemistry teacher from Kerala, who described his chemistry with his ‘to be wife’ through the wedding invitation is taking the internet by storm.

The groom, Soorya Nair took to Facebook to share his Chemistry wedding card on Wednesday.

The invite had the names of the couple represented as chemical symbols of their names Vn+Sa (Vithun and Soorya).

Tomorrow's the big day ❤️#viral_card 💐 #happy_us

Posted by Soorya Vithun Nair on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The wedding invite explains the chemical bond of love between the couple. The card read, “The atoms, Vithun and Soorya have decided to be a molecule with the activation energies from both parents. Requesting your latency with reactants and products on the bonding ceremony.”

It has caught the attention of several Twitteratis including Congress minister, Shashi Tharoor.

Soon after a Twitter user shared the card tagging Shashi Tharoor, the minister wished the couple on their big day. Tharoor wrote, “Wishing them all the best for a happy married life! May the chemistry between them always sparkle, the physics feature more light than heat, and the biology result in bountiful offspring….!”

Soon Twitter was flooded with wishes and wits. Check out some of the hilarious response:

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Having a closer look at the invitation would give you a quick revision of all the ionic-covalent bonds that you would have studied in your intermediate. On one hand, a beaker from the chemistry lab represented the wedding venue. While on the other hand, the wedding dates designated the ‘on reaction’. A molecular structure of the ‘love compound’ was also represented on the invite.

Can we declare this as the wedding invitation of the year already? Or someone else would soon come up with a ‘Thermodynamics’ or ‘Calvin Cycle’ inspired wedding invitation anytime soon?

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