Cheetas Were Extinct In India But After 7 Decades, 4 Cubs Were Born In MP’s Kuno National Park

History has it that the kings and queens of India used to pet Cheetas and used them for hunting smaller animals. However, over the centuries, these spotted big cats have gone extinct in India due to habitat loss, poaching, human interference, and other factors.

The Asiatic Cheetah used to roam freely in the country, centuries ago. But, they were declared extinct in India in 1952

However, the government has been taking initiatives to bring them back by translocating them to India from Africa and other countries.

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Back in the year 2022, eight Cheetahs from Namibia arrived in India as part of the reintroduction project. These hunting leopards were released into the Kuno National Park in Madya Pradesh (MP), said a report by CNN.

Another 12 spotted felines were also brought into the country from South Africa. Out of these 20 Cheetas, four have been released into the wild, one has died of kidney failure, and 15 are in the enclosure, reported Hindustan Times.

Among the eight Cheetahs that were translocated from Namibia as part of the Cheetah Project, one of the big cats named Siyaya gave birth to four cubs last week.

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Visuals of these little bundles of joy were shared by the official handle of Kuno National Park claiming it to be a milestone event in the history of India.

Talking about the mother Siyaya, MP’s Principal Chief Conservator of Forest (PCCF), JS Chauhan, said that she wasn’t visible for five days. Her radio collar also showed her at the same location.

“When Namibian cheetah expert Eli Walker checked her today (Wednesday) by entering the enclosure, he found her with four cubs.”

As of now, a special team is taking proper medical care of the new guests and the female Cheetah. According to YV Jhala, former chief scientist of the Cheetah Project, the birth of the cubs was a positive sign for the intercontinental translocation of cheetahs.

“The cheetahs mate only in a stress-free environment and the birth of four cubs proved that they are comfortable and have adapted well in Kuno National Park. They are themselves expanding the population of Cheetahs.”

Apparently, these four Cheetahs are born in India after seven decades. Twitter was delighted to know about this wonderful update.

These cubs are so cute. Welcome home, babies.

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