Class 7 Student Uses ChatGPT To Complete English Homework But Gets Caught For 1 Sentence

With the popularization of Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT, a lot of things have been easier – like content creation. And when I talk about ‘content’ I don’t just mean for writers and artists. AI tools have been several students’ go-to places for essays and answering text-based questions.  Even college students are using ChatGPT to write and submit essays that are very important in their academic stint.

Similarly, a class 7 student used ChatGPT to complete his English homework. However, he got caught by the teacher because he wasn’t alert and smart enough to omit sentences that gave out his otherwise genius plan.

“As an AI language model, I don’t have personal expectations or opinions,” the chatbot had probably responded to the kid, which he, in turn, jotted down in his copy!

The teacher also highlighted the word ‘poignant’ which was proof enough that the kid cheated because class 7 students don’t use such mature vocabulary in their answers unless they are avid readers or writers.

The student is the cousin of a guy named Roshan Patel, who took to Twitter to share a picture of the homework.

Even though a lot of people online were impressed, many were also convinced that only smart people should use such AI tools.

Kids these days! 😛

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