Twitter Can’t Figure Out Why Chanel Is Selling Pre-owned ‘Shopping Basket Bag’ For ₹86 Lakhs

I get it, there are some iconic and mind-boggling items launched by high-end designers that people don’t mind selling their kidneys to buy them. But, not everything that is being endorsed by celebs, or sold by brands is worth it.

Remember the time when celebs were seen with the tinniest of bags that could hardly fit a single lipstick? Or those ‘Slash Jeans’ sold for Rs 28,000 that looked straight out of a cartoon show?

Well, here’s another product sold by the fashion brand Chanel that will make you go:

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Taking to Twitter, news presenter Sophie Walsh shared a screengrab of the luxury brand selling a second-hand shopping basket for an extravagant price.

She probably stumbled upon the item while going through a shopping website and now she can’t unsee it.

We couldn’t believe our eyes, so we decided to dig up the original website to see for ourselves if this was real. And man, that pre-owned ‘shopping basket’ or ‘shopping basket bag’ is available for grabs for a whopping $104,663, that’s Rs 86,02,461.30 (including import duties for India).

I can’t even!

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No wonder Sophie thought it was bizarre.

Of course, they made the metal shopping basket look boujee by adding Maison’s signature black leather and chain-link straps on the silver-plated hardware and putting their signature logo on it.

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According to the brand, it’s one of their environment-conscious products as by purchasing the bag you can be confident that you’re making a better choice for the planet.

Popular model and TV star Kendall Jenner also modeled for Chanel by carrying this bag on the runway.


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No matter how high the claims are, Twitter isn’t convinced by the bag or the price of it.

What’s even more amazing is that there’s only one of them left. What on Earth!?

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