Daler Mehndi Shares Video Of Chandigarh Cop Singing ‘No Parking’ Version Of ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra’

Every job has certain aspects that are repetitive and boring. So, what does one do to break the monotony? Add a little musical twist to it, of course! Because everything is better with a good background score. Earlier, a flight attendant used this technique and rapped safety announcements before take off. Now, a police officer is using Punjabi tracks to warn road users about illegal parking.

This Chandigarh cop’s improvised version of Daler Mehndi’s hit song ‘Bolo Ta Ra Ra Ra‘ is all about encouraging citizens to park vehicles in dedicated parking zones as opposed to the roadside. And his skills can give the singer himself a run for his money.

NDTV reports that the officer in the video is ASI Bhupinder Singh. His song has received positive reactions from not just Daler Mehndi, but many Twitter users as well.

Here is what they said after watching the video.

This is obviously not the first time cops have used music to get an important message across to the public. Sandeep Shahi, a head constable in Delhi traffic police department took inspiration from Gully Boy’s ‘Apna Time Aayega’ and rapped about road safety. Officers from South Garo Hills District Police made up a song called ‘Say No To Drugs‘ for raising awareness about substance abuse among school students.

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