5 Reasons Why India Needs More Films Like Chak De! India, Like Right Now!

How many films have been made in Bollywood that reflect women sports just the way it is in our country? The apt representation, we mean? The few names that pop up in our heads can be counted on one hand. But we bet, the first name that comes to the mind is that Shah Rukh Khan’s film, which paved way for millions of dreamers. Yes, we are talking about the 2007 box-office smasher Chak De! India.

Helmed by Shimit Amin, the film received an unexpected response at the box-office. And, ever since then, it has been one film that movie-buffs have deemed as a future-classic.

We could use more and more films like these in the Hindi film industry. Are you still doubting why? Here, sample these reasons as to why our country needs more films like Chak De! India.

1. A compelling plot that gave women sports players a representation on the big screen.

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It didn’t seem like we were peeking into the lives of women hockey players, it was actually the lives of players on the celluloid. Women players in huge numbers agreed how management’s attitude towards women sports was an apt representation of real life on the reel. And, it was the story of their lives. Plus, Jaideep Sahni’s idea of stringing together so many story lines was commendable.


2. It was laded with power-packed performances not only from Shah Rukh Khan, but by each character.

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It was deemed to be SRK’s career-best performance by critics and it was indeed marvellous. But, that doesn’t in any way subdue others performances. Each character in the film performed brilliantly and the made the film what it became. Be it Krishnaji, Bindiya, Komal, Preeti or anyone. They all stood out.


3. The movie opened doors for plots revolving around sports other than cricket!

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This was a much-refreshing change and the whole country needed it. Cricket in India is not a sport, it is a religion. And, to see another sport getting the limelight on the screen was just something the masses needed.


4. It re-wrote the game for films that didn’t worship the hero, making way for the script to take charge.

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Yes, Kabir Khan held the film together but there was so much more going on in the film and equal importance was given to other characters too. So, basically the script did the talking, rather than an actor’s star stature and fanfare ruling the numbers.


5. It inspired a whole generation and gave millennials the zeal to pursue their dreams, especially young girls.

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While the 90s kid’s and every Preeti ever, was adamant to show it to every launda that she’s in no way less than a man, the young millennial girls were inspired to pick up that hockey stick and bring acclaim to our country. Not only hockey, it also inspired girls to take up sports as full-time careers.

That’s not it. The subtle life-lessons handout, breaking of stereotypes, tackling sexism. And a lot of issues spoken in the movie became a talking point in all the right ways.

Need I even say anything about the dialogues? The slice-of-life dialogues and the cultural diversity shown in the film through words still wins hearts. And, upon each watch, the film holds the power to stir so many emotions.

Are you convinced ki main aur bolu?

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