Guy’s Amusing Poem On Why Chai Is Better Than Coffee Is Every Tea Lover Ever

Hate me all you want, but chai is any day better than coffee. There is a different kind of feeling, a feeling of satisfaction when you’re having a piping hot cup of tea first thing in the morning. It’s like starting your day with the taste of comfort. Makes you feel ready to take on the world by the time you’re done with the drink.

Even on a rainy day, when the weather is mushy and romantic, you’ll hear people ask for ‘chai-pakode’, not ‘coffee-pakode’.

If you’re still not convinced of my reasons for why chai is better than coffee, Hussain Haidry’s poem is sure to change your mind. ‘Chai coffee’, written and performed by Hussain himself, puts forth a strong and valid argument for every point you can possibly think of. From the smell of chai to the colour of coffee, he talks about it all.

Would you still think coffee is better? Well, it’s fine if you do. Because the debate between chai or coffee is a never-ending one and we’ll never be able to agree on which is better.