Inspired By ChatGPT, Someone Opened A Chai Ki Tapri & Named It ‘Chai GPT’

Artificial Intelligent (AI) chatbot, ChatGPT has, of late, taken over the internet by storm. People have been using it to do multiple tasks like writing a leave application or creating an entire book.

Since it’s all over the place, someone decided to make use of the increasing popularity of ChatGPT and named their chai ki tapri after it.

Representational image

Taking to Twitter, a user named SwatKat posted a picture of a tea stall, someone in India, which was named ‘Chai GPT’ with GPT meaning ‘Genuinely Pure Tea’. The logo of the tea shop is also a cutting chai cup that looks like an AI Bot.

Also, at the extreme corner of the board, you can see that a phone number has been printed, in case someone wants to open a franchise of the outlet in their city.

Sharing the picture of the unique tea stall, the woman wrote:

“Silicon valley : we have the best start-up ideas

Indian tea shops : hold my tea”

After the user shared the picture of this unique start-up, people shared what they thought of the owner’s brilliant idea of naming it after the AI chatbot.

India mein talented innovators ki kami nhi hai boss!

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