Girl Creates ‘Chai-Biscuit Popsicles’ Using Parle-G Biscuits, Foodies React

Dipping our favourite biscuits in a steaming cup of adrak wali chai especially on a cold rainy day is the most comforting combo for almost all of us desi chai lovers.

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But imagine if your favourite snack combo comes together to create something called ‘Chai-Biscuit Popsicle’ to help you bear the hot Indian summers. Would you dare savour it?

Recently, a food blogger from Mumbai, Mahima came up with this innovative fusion food recipe made of Parle-G biscuits that got everyone talking.

She even shared the entire video wherein she churned out this concoction. The easy-peasy recipe starts with Mahima crushing a packet of Parle G. She then makes doodh wali chai as per her liking. This was followed by layering the biscuits and adding chai to the brim.

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After freezing it in the refrigerator, you can relish it. Haina simple?

Going from the comments section, people seem to like this summer delight.

Would you try such experimental cooking? Let us know.

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