Tourists Walk Across Frozen River In Ladakh Braving Freezing Temperatures; Call It Delightful

There’s something magical about mountains. The mesmerizing view, the cold weather, the snowy peaks, I could keep going on. But the one thing I love the most is the adventurous journey to the top. I mean, even though the climb gets difficult, the trip is always worth it.

Speaking of which, a number of tourists are enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime experience at Chadar trek on the frozen Zanskar river in Ladakh, reports HT. Despite the dip in mercury, people are still flocking to the frozen river, which is located at an altitude of 11,400 feet, to go on delightful walks.

Experiencing the adventure at the frozen river, Abhiuday, a tourist was quoted saying,

“My friend recommended me to experience the trek once. I am very happy that I came here, I would have regretted for the lifetime if I did not listen to him. I urge people to come and visit the trek as this is the only source of income for the people living here”

He further said that even though people barely visit a place that has a temperature of almost minus 35 degrees Celsius, they should consider going on this unique experience. Other tourists from Madhya Pradesh and Ahmadabad said that even though they experienced difficulties while walking on the ice, it was still a wonderful experience.

Tourists who wish to experience the trek need to take rest for at least 24 hours after which they need to go for medical check-ups. Around 40 to 50 trekkers are allowed to go for the trek at a time each day.

Wow! This looks so mesmerizing. Brb, planning a trip to Ladakh with my besties!


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