CEO Says You Should Not Consider Your Company As Your ‘Family’, Sparks Debate Online

You may have come across an employer who calls their company a “family” and expects colleagues to treat each other as so. But on the flip side, employees are often guilted into working long and stressful hours for the sake of this family.

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However, Daniel Abrahams, who is the CEO of a company named Hustlr Agency, took to LinkedIn to ask people to stop calling their companies a “family”. This is because according to him, “parents don’t fire their children for poor performance.”

Instead, he says, “Focus on being a team, built on trust and respect, where every person feels valued.”

Here’s a look at his post:

On the contrary, there were people who argued his take and claimed that when you spend so much time with your colleagues, you develop a bond and share much about your personal lives – something that families do. While many also agreed with him saying that calling a company a “family” is a veil to hide imperfect work culture.

Would you consider your company as your family? Tell us!

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