‘Giving Cell Phones To Women Causes Rape’, Says UP Women’s Commission Member

Society has a tendency of blaming women for being victims of sexual assault and harassment instead of holding the perpetrators accountable. In the past, people have put the blame on bizarre things like women wearing jeans or even the consumption of chowmein for causing heinous crimes like rape.

Adding to the list, a member of the State Women’s Commission in Uttar Pradesh has said that girls should not be given cell phones as it leads to rape. According to TOI, the member, Meena Kumari, appealed to parents to keep them away from cell phones.

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“Girls talk on the phone and later run away with boys,” Meena Kumari said, adding that girls also use it to watch “inappropriate content”.

She went on to add, “I listen to grievances of 20 women on average daily and at least five to seven cases are related to friendships over cellphones and its after-effects. In many cases, girls were lured to a certain place and then sexually assaulted.”

“Women use phones to make male friends and later run away with them,” she stressed.

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She especially urged mothers to keep an eye on their daughters alleging that crimes against women occur due to their “carelessness”.

Anju Chaudhary, Vice Chair Person of the commission, has opposing views. Condemning Kumari’s statement, she said:

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“Instead of saying we should not give mobile phones to girls, we should be teaching them not to chat with strangers and educate them on the safe use of cell phones.”

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