Celebs Defend Hina Khan & Slam Filmfare Editor For Mocking Her Cannes Debut! He Finally Apologises

Even before people could recover from the Met Gala hangover, social media feeds have been filled with pictures and lookbooks from the Cannes Film Festival. With Deepika, Priyanka, and Kangana stirring quite the attention with their drool-worthy outfits, there was also another actress who graced the occasion and caught the eyes, and some unnecessary criticism, of many.

TV star Hina Khan made her debut to Cannes this year and trolls didn’t hold back from attacking her. Even though trolling celebs is a given on social media, it’s surprising and upsetting when it comes from someone pretty famous in Bollywood.

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According to sources, Filmfare magazine editor Jitesh Pillai mocked Hina Khan’s appearance at Cannes and posted an Instagram story making fun of her.

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However, even before Hina Khan could respond, Ekta Kapoor, Gauhar Khan, and celebs not just from the TV fraternity but also from Bollywood stepped up to slam Jitesh for making such a derogatory comment.

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Later on, Hina Khan took on Twitter to address the matter and made a promise to work so hard as to make her place in the entertainment industry.

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Celebs stood by Hina and lauded her for representing the entire television industry on the red carpet.

After receiving major backlash for his mockery, Jitesh Pillai finally posted an apology on his Instagram story.

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Despite being trolled by him, Hina didn’t express any sort of anger. Instead, she was very calm and dignified in her response to the apology.

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Whether from Bollywood or from the TV industry, if one represents the country in such a prestigious event, it’s a matter of immense pride!

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