Behind Those Glam Celeb Pics There’s That One Friend Who Is Made To Click Some 500 Pictures!

“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good DSLR camera, must be in want of a muse.”

Okay yes, this is originally a Jane Austen quote from Pride and Prejudice but it just happens to fit the situation perfectly!

We all have that ONE friend who’s pretty slick with the camera. They’ll go to any lengths to get that ONE great shot, putting even Aamir Khan’s knack for perfection to shame.

The selfless sacrifice of this ONE friend is tremendous. They’re always behind the camera while everyone else is clamouring to be in the group picture!

What you’d be surprised to know is that even celeb friend circles have THAT ONE FRIEND!

As you know, it is the Badshah of Bollywood and resident Romance King Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday today. And he has whisked away a major chunk of his filmy pals to a farmhouse in Alibaug for a bash! So of course there were pictures!

And just like any regular group of friends, these celebs too had a designated camera guy who did everything in his power to get a perfect snap!

The first victim of the ‘DSLR friend’ phenomenon was none other than birthday boy SRK himself! His muse? His two favourite director BFFs!

Also starring Alia Bhatt as the photographer who clicks the photographer clicking a picture! Because of course Bollywood is obsessed with meta ‘behind-the-scenes’ candids! And TBH, so are we!

You’d think the birthday boy would get off easy, but no! Karan Johar decided to be that one friend who begs for a solo right after a group picture!

“It’s going to be my new dp! So get a good one!”

See how KJo heaps praises on SRK in the caption? See that’s a trick straight out of the book. You’ve got to flatter the photographer if you want him to click 50 more candids!

You know the best part about being the photographer friend? The ladies giving you all that extra attention! But it also means you’ve got to struggle real hard to get the perfect shot which makes them all look good!

Look at KJo here, an award winning director/producer, climbing atop a table for a picture! Such dedication. Much wow!

Then again, it’s all worth it in the end if the results are good. And see for yourself, they were stunning!

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Clearly, behind all these amazing looking pictures that celebs post, is that one friend who knows all about the best angles, their subject’s most attractive profiles and the correct lighting.

Koi bhi picture perfect nahi hota. Usse perfect banana padta hai!

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