Mumbai Church Places CCTV Camera In Ladies Toilet. Father Says It’s For ‘Security’ Reasons.

In a world full of peeping toms, creeps, stalkers, and harassers, the only place women were probably left alone was in a washroom. But, what if there are sets of eyes following you there too?

Mumbai’s St Michael’s Church, one of the oldest churches in the country, is facing the same issue. Women parishioners are raising their voices against the placement of the camera (right inside the washroom entrance, but not in the two toilet stalls).

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Karen D’ Souza, who has been to St. Michael’s regularly for 61 years, told Mumbai Mirror.

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“It’s a women’s bathroom after all. We need to fix and adjust things even when we’re not using the toilet cubicles. This is an invasion of privacy and makes women feel uncomfortable. Some people might not even know that there is a camera inside.”


She is also the vice-president of Association of Concerned Catholics and has penned a letter to the archbishop of Bombay, Cardinal Oswald Gracias. A Mid-Day report read,

“Why are our priests of St Michael’s parish being more ridiculous by the day?… Just what are they expecting to capture on camera? Women with their pants down or their sarees up? Are they missing out on something?This is total exposure for women… Please tell our priests to wake up and be sensitive to us ladies. We don’t want men crowding around hoping to see some live porn.”


Father Simon Borges told Mirror that the intent was to prevent thefts.

“It was installed sometime back to prevent thefts. Women leave the bags outside, near the basin, before entering the toilet. We did that (install the camera) to protect the ladies. There were no complaints (until now). If it is causing a misunderstanding and it is making them uncomfortable, we will remove it.


The church was built by the Portuguese in 1534 and this is the first time cameras were installed.

The news is not going down well with women and they’re really angry.