Caught On Camera: This Is How Mumbai Traffic Cops Damage Wrongly Parked Cars.

A traffic cop in Mumbai was caught on camera assisting towing operators vandalize a wrongly parked car under his supervision. The car had its hand brake on & the towing workers were trying to forcefully break into the car using rods and rulers.

When Nikhil Tandon (who shot the video) and his friends confronted the obvious illegal damage to private property, they stopped the break-in. Instead, they damaged the bumper of the car to tow the vehicle.


Nikhil says,

” The car might have been parked in the wrong spot but that’s no way to tow it. These guys are permitted to tow vehicles, not to damage them.  They are supposed to invest in proper hydraulic cranes which allow them to tow cars without damaging them.

We all know that even if they damage the car there’s nothing you can do about it. Its an extremely frustrating situation.”

With ever shrinking parking spaces, what options do car owners have in such a situation? Do share your thoughts.

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