Stray Cats Maintain Social Distancing In The Street Markets Of Manila Amid Lockdown

Social distancing is an effective way to curb the spread of coronavirus. So much so that even animals have understood the simple concept. Previously, monkeys were seen maintaining safe physical distance while eating, and peacocks were social distancing in a school amid the lockdown.

Recently, cats were also seen following the norms of social distancing. Stray cats were seen maintaining adequate physical distance in the streets of Manila. The stray cats were seen sitting in marked circles in a vegetable market.

Have a look at the tweet by The Philippine Star:

The cats can be seen comfortably occupying the circles which are apparently meant for humans. Well, it is rather impressive to see the cats follow the rules of social distancing.

Several people felt that humans should learn about the concept of social distancing from these cats :

Dare we say that animals might be observing social distancing better than some of us. Well honestly, we can learn a thing or two from these adorable cats. What do you think? Tell us!