Cat Plays Fetch With Hooman, People Online Say ‘He’s Basically A Dog’

Let me take the opportunity to give you a peek into the life of a person who parents a cat and a dog. On one hand, dogs consider you to be the centre of their universe from the moment you pat them on the head and give them a treat. They will do whatever you please – even shake hands with you for an unhealthy amount of time! Cats, on the other hand, consider themselves a deity and their hoomans, devotees.

So, if you command your cat (e.g. throw a ball and ask them to play fetch, ask them to come to you because you want to cuddle, etc), chances are they’ll do squat!

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So it was a little surprising for me when I saw a video of a cat playing ‘fetch’ and I thought, “Is that the soul of a dog inside a cat?”

According to Hindustan Times, the video shows the cat, Oliver, devoting his full concentration to a plastic bottle cap its hooman is holding. As the hooman throws the cap across the room, the cat runs after it and fetches it.

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“Oliver will play this for 1-2 hours straight and cries if I don’t throw it enough,” wrote the cat parent.

Have a look at the video here:

My mighty man Oliver will play this for 1-2 hours straight and cries if I don’t throw it enough. from cats

People on the internet are loving the cat’s energy and are smitten by his cuteness. Some people pointed out how he basically is a dog! Have a look:

I wish all cats played fetch like this adorable one!