Curious Cat Learns A ‘Shocking’ Lesson That Leaves Twitter ROFL! See Viral Photos


Curiosity makes us humans who we are. It helped us grow, evolve and become capable of progress. But it’s true when they say, ‘Curiosity kills the cat.’ And standing closer to the proverb, a poor feline learnt this the hard way.

Twitter user @owurakuwaa shared the pictures of her cat before and after it realized that sticking your face in an electric socket isn’t the best idea! Aptly, the user captioned the pictures, “Curiosity almost killed the cat last night!”


The picture of a visibly shocked cat elicited reactions of netizens right away. A lot of people thought the cat now resembled Einstein and found her ‘cat-astrophic experience’ totally hilarious.


I do feel for the feline, but the look on it’s face after the unexpected shock is pure betrayal. After all, shouldn’t her hooman have stopped her?

But man, the pictures had me ROFL much like I used to watching Tom and Jerry as a kid!

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