This Cat Performing Ballet Will Make You Want To Stop Everything And Watch Its Cute Dance!

My friends have been convincing me to get a cat since eternity. But, somehow, I can’t seem to find a reason that is good enough to get one. The fear of getting scratched and giving it the due attention it needs weighs more than its cuteness and adorable factor.

After seeing this beautiful white cat, I might change my opinion, though. This cat performs ballet gracefully, actually better than most humans can!

Don’t believe me? Have a look at it then:

1. Oh! I feel like pouncing on it and hugging it.


2. WOW!


3. This is sooo adorable.

Cat new 3


4. What is it trying to do?

Cat 4


5. Anddddddd…there it goes.

cat 5


6. Cuteness level: Infinity

Cat 6


7. Have you seen such a cute cat before? Sorry, talented cat before?

Cat 7


8. Come and hug me, hooman!

Cat 8


9. Mid air acobatics.

cat 9


10. First, we shake it right…

Cat 10


11….and then left!

cat 11


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12. Ohhh…it’ll make a beautiful ballerina!

Cat 12


13. The face expression…OMFG, so cute!

Cat 13


14. The cat has got moves.

Cat 14


15. How effortless can you be?

Cat 15


16. Aww! So graceful.

cat 16


17. Okay. Even my future daughter couldn’t dance like this.

cat new 1


18. Or pull off this!

cat new 2


19. Surya Namaskar, anyone?

Cat 19


20. I could plant a kiss right now!

cat 20


21. Now, are you tired?

Cat 22


22. Okay. I’m done praising you.

Cat 23
So pretty, right?


Source: Twitter 

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