Family Pens Sweet Obituary For Pet Cat ‘Chunchu Nair’ And Twitter Is Loving It

It is said that ‘Obituaries are for the living. Not the dead.’ The friends and family of the deceased express their grief and pray for the peace of the departed soul. They are a tribute to a life that was taken away. Which is probably why they are so heartwrenching and emotional to read. But it’s not just parents, siblings or friends we write touching obituaries for. Sometimes we do it for our pets as well.

One family expressed the loss of their pet in the newspaper under the ‘Kennels & Pets’ section. It was for their cat, Chunchu Nair, on its first death anniversary.

Here is the entire obituary.

Isn’t this the most adorable and heartfelt piece you’ve ever read? The internet thought so too and the tribute soon went viral. Some people even pointed out that the word ‘Chunchu’ meant rats in Telugu and others said it was also used as a funny abuse in the dialect.

Pet parents thought the gesture was super sweet and prayed that the cat rests in peace, wherever it may be.

However, netizens also brought to attention the fact that the family had assigned a surname to their cat. And that means even pets aren’t immune to the caste culture in India.

Caste or not, it is still a great way to remember and honour our pets who are no less than family, don’t you think?