Cat Flaunts Impressive Fielding Skills In Video & Manages To Impress Harsha Bhogle


From fetching stuff to mimicking others, sniffing bombs and detecting diseases, animals can be trained to do a lot of interesting things. But have you ever witnessed a cat catching a ball like a pro goalkeeper? Well, if not, then here’s a video of a feline flaunting its fielding skills, reports India Today.

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In a video shared online by former Australian cricketer and golf enthusiast Dean Jones, a cat can be seen catching a ball using its paws as a woman tries to score a goal. In the clip, the furball, standing in front of a miniature goal post, defends the ball from its opponent. As the woman prepares to hit the ball with her golf stick, the pet can be seen gearing up to catch it.

You need to watch the video to believe it:

Well, people online were impressed by the cat’s skills. Even Indian cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle lauded the cat’s prowess.

Well, if cats had their own sports competitions, this one would definitely be the star. Don’t you think?

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