Car Gets Stuck On Speed-Breaker In Bhopal, Owner Sarcastically Lauds Engineer Who Made It

Imagine driving a car and a speed-breaker arrives. It’s a big one. Then you hear it hitting the lower engines of your car. You skip a heartbeat.

Well, this is a regular happening while travelling on Indian roads. This makes you question the person responsible for allotting the measurements for the speed-breakers in the first place!

Speaking of which, a speed-breaker in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, was so high and wide, that the car got stuck because of it. The vehicle, a KIA Seltos, belonged to a man named Abhishek Sharma, who shared a picture of the incident, reported DNA.

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“A big salute to the excellent engineer who made this speed breaker. Cars often get stuck on this but the administration in mum,” he had written.

He was reportedly stuck in this adverse situation for quite a few hours and later, had to tow the car out. This happened even though the car has a good ground clearance of 190mm, which means that it is not exactly a low-hanging vehicle.

The picture was shared widely on social media by people who demanded compensation for the loss and for authorities to be more responsible.

“How to construct a speed-breaker? This picture is not for laughter, but it’s for the people’s representatives and responsible authorities sitting at high levels of the country. Whoever built this, the contractor/engineer should pay for the loss,” wrote a journalist named D. Gopaal Rao.

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Officials should be more careful when it comes to road safety!

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