Guy Gets Traffic Challan For Dhinchak Bus Instead Of Car, Hilariously Asks Mumbai Cops For Help

With the world going online, be it ordering food or medicines, everything today can happen with a click of a button. Hence, the transport authorities have also updated their game and have started sending e-challans to traffic offenders on their registered mobile phone numbers.

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But being online doesn’t mean there’s no room for error or it’s a foolproof system. There are going to be some mishaps. This one happened with a Twitter user who decided to share his plight on the micro-blogging site.

Tagging the Mumbai Police in his complaint tweet, the user named Joy Das wrote that he received a traffic challan months back.

What left him scratching his head was that the challan was issued for a bus whereas he doesn’t even own one. To top it all off, he recently received a legal notice asking him to pay the challan immediately or appear in court. Das was intrigued to know if he paid the Rs 2000 challan, would he be allowed to keep the bus?

“I had got a traffic Challan months back. The problem is I have a car and the challan was for a Dhinchak bus. I filed a grievance. Today got legal notice to pay the Challan immediately or appear in court. My question is if I pay the Rs 2000 Challan, can I keep the bus?”

After hearing his complaint, this is how people online reacted:

Apparently, it’s not just him who faced such a tricky situation.

With so many people resonating with him, seems like the Mumbai traffic department has been facing a glitch that needs to be resolved ASAP or else they better be ready to give car owners free buses. LOL!

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