Internet Thinks Avengers: Endgame’s Biggest Tragedy Is The Loss Of Captain America’s Beard!

Only if you’re living under a rock would you not know that the trailer for the insanely anticipated sequel to Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War has finally dropped. We finally have a name for Avengers 4, which was much speculated upon, and Avengers: Endgame trailer is EVERYTHING!

Image Courtesy: Marvel Entertainment

While the trailer is being discussed and decoded, there’s one bone of contention that a lot of fans have with the trailer. Why is Steve Rogers aka Captain America’s sexy beard gone?

No kidding. It’s a legit concern. The beard that Chris Evans as Captain America sported during Infinity War is gone in a finger snap, just like Peter Parker and other heroes. And honestly, we don’t feel so good.

And we do miss it!

Twitter had some very strong reactions, opinions, theories and condolence messages for the most important character that needed to return in Avengers 4—Cap’s beard!

I mean, hello? Clean shaven is fine and all, but that beard was something, right?

When you have this major epiphany that sets the tone for the rest of Endgame…

Fans are blaming the finger snap for this. And if it were true, then Thanos is indeed the Mad Titan to think Steve Rogers looks better without the beard! SMH!

This would be painful to watch, but at least we’d have some closure!

Y u do dis, Thanos?

The tears were getting lost in his beard, so maybe?

Thanos, we’ve come to bargain! Let’s do some maandavli!

A funny observation, and quite an excellent one at that, was how Steve Rogers is the polar opposite of every sad depressed male! Because don’t they grow beards when they’re upset?

There was a huge rallying to bring back Captain America’s beard, which is an unnecessary martyr in this endgame, TBH!

I know Tony Stark would totally second this!

That ONE person who has their priorities all sorted!

On a related note though, did you notice the Winter Soldier suit’s back? Another ominous sign that this is pretty much endgame for Steve Rogers?

Believe it or not, people wrote condolence messages and eulogies for the beard! It’s that important!

OMG we feel you!

Gone too soon, but not forgotten!

And this, oh dear god. Someone even made an ‘In Memoriam’ video for it!

This is so sweet!

I’m not crying, you’re crying!

And then finally, FINALLY someone said it!

T’Challa would be smiling… wherever he is (try not to cry ok?)

Wakanda Captain America’s Beard Forever!