Do You Remember These Chatakdaar Candies From Your Childhood? Take This Quiz & Find Out!

I think all the 90s kids would agree that childhood was a beautiful time when scoring Rs 10 from a kind relative made us feel like we’d won the jackpot! And what would a kid do with that amount of money? Simply run to the nearest candy store and buy all the yummy, chatakdaar, and flavourful treats. Let’s see if you can identify these candies from your childhood.

1. I only bought these to get that red tint on my tongue.

2. That fizz and crackling in the mouth. Loved it!

3. A beverage in a candy.

4. Let’s agree. We all pretended to act cool with these in our hands.

5. We would 'fatafat' eat them all.

6. These ayurvedic digestive pills were too good to be a medicine.

7. More than the chewing gum, we bought it for the temporary tattoo that came along with it.

8. These flavoured lollipops came with a whistle.

9. We used to call it the ‘love candy’.

10. Just the thought of eating these makes my teeth tingle.

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