Write A Letter, Win A House! Canadian Woman Is Offering Her ₹12 Crore Estate For An Essay

At some point, we’ve all daydreamed of living in a beautiful mansion in the snow-kissed countryside. Perhaps graced with Victorian or Georgian architecture, a well-stocked wine cellar, cosy little fireplace, and that charming old library? While it is but a distant dream for many, a Canadian woman attempts to grant this wish for one very lucky winner.

The lady is offering to gift her $1.7 million (12 crore INR) estate to the person who writes the most compelling essay on why they’d like to live in the home. Yes folks, its an essay contest that can win someone this idyllic home set about 40 miles south of Calgary.

Take a look at the home for yourself!

Millarville woman giving away $1.6M home in letter writing contest

She was inspired by the Spitfire Grill movie to give away her house on social media, and let her neighbours choose the winner. www.cbc.ca/1.4985249

Posted by CBC Calgary on Saturday, January 19, 2019

Located in Millarville, Alberta, Alla Wagner’s abode is an exquisite country mansion designed in the Georgian Country Style. She dedicated a post on her Facebook page entitled “Write a Letter, Win a House.”

“We had to list our house because of my poor health, which has been especially bad the last 6 months or so,” Wagner wrote in her post.

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“Being confined to only one (upper) floor is becoming unbearable and it is taking a toll on my work and life in too many ways,” she added. To that end, she’s soliciting responses to the question: “Why would moving to this lakefront dream home change your life?”

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Wagner is charging $25 (1,700 INR) for each entry, with the hope of reaching 68,000 and raising the $1.7 million (Rs 12 crores).

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After her home failed to sell despite five months on the market, Alla Wagner took a different approach to finding an owner, reports CBS News. She is now looking for a creative type after a fall left her unable to enjoy her beloved home, which she described on Facebook as “a writer’s or artist’s paradise.”

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She plans to return entry fees should she not meet her goal or should her home sell before the end of the month, when the property goes off the market. Wagner said the 1996 film “The Spitfire Grill” inspired her decision. It features a similar contest for a cafe.

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