11 Reasons To Go Camping With Your Best Friends Without Taking Your Cellphone

Technology has literally take over the world. Every where you go, there are people with cell phones, computers, laptops, TVs and every other electronic device possible.

It is important to take some time off once in a while, to get out of the same old stuff. So what else can be better than going camping or hiking with your best friends this summer? But to enjoy this, keep your phones and other technology that you use everyday- away.

Here are a list of reasons to have a Digital Detox camping trip:

1. Take a deep breath and take in your surroundings

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Keep all your electronic devices away, and just breathe in the fresh air. It’s not every day that you get to be in such beautiful surroundings along with people whom you love to spend time with!


2. Talk to each other without emojis….and actual facial expressions

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Use ” 🙂 ” ” 😀 ” in real life.


3. Explore

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Explore the woods. Go fishing. It’s not every day that you get to be in such a beautiful environment.


4. Get out of your phone

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We use our phone EVERY DAY. There is not a single moment that goes by when we aren’t using some messaging service or surfing some social media site. Get out of your phone. And enjoy the real world.


5. Spend some time in nature

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Even a couple of minutes surrounded by a beautiful scenery is enough to make you feel good. Stop thinking about the boatload of work your boss expects you to complete when you get back or the bills that have to be paid or any other thing that might be bothering you. Keep away all the technology connecting you to the real world.


6. Enjoy it while it lasts

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The rate at which pollution, growth in human population and global warming are affecting the environment, it is highly likely that all these beautiful places might not exist in some years. Enjoy them while they last.


7.Learn to live without it

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Learn to live without technology. Talk to your friends face-to-face rather than using phones. Advances in technology make the world a better place, but it’s also important to have a digital detox once in a while, and not to completely depend on it.

You might say that all those movies about technology taking over the world are true- though just not in such a dramatic way!


8. Connect the old fashioned-way

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Our ancestors got along just fine without all this technology connecting us. Go without Facebook and Whatsapp for a few days. You will definitely feel a good change. Have fun with your friends in the real world rather than in a virtual world.


9. Don’t waste your vacation…remind yourself why it is a vacation

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A vacation is about getting away from all the stress and workload that troubles you during the week. Get away from all that. Explore the woods. If you have a friend that plays the guitar, get them to play it while all of you sing songs. There is nothing else like laughing with your favourite people that makes the day better.


10. Escape

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Escape. Escape from the real world. Forget all your troubles. Go hiking through the place where you are camping. Follow the different trails to see where they lead. You might even get to see some beautiful lakes or different species of animals and birds that you will never see in the city!


11. Enjoy the silence

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This is the best gift that a camping trip without technology will offer you. Enjoy and bask in the glory of the silence. You get to go away from all the beeping sounds of new messages, emails and calls to be attended to. Let the beautiful sound of silence engulf you.

You will definitely feel a good change in your mood after a digital detox!

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