Desis Call Out Cameramen For Zooming In On Women At Stadiums During Cricket Matches

Every time we watch a cricket match, we see the camera pan over a female fan in the stadium. While sometimes it’s harmless, the continuous ogling and objectification by zooming in the camera on women sometimes make even us, the viewers, uncomfortable.

Recently, a Twitter account posted a video of a woman from the stadium during the Asia Cup 2022 Final match between Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

The cameraman kept ogling the woman with his lenses and even played her footage in slow motion. The Twitter user captioned the video, “The only reason to watch full match.”


People online didn’t appreciate the video or the caption of the person. They even called out this practice of shooting random women from different angles in stadiums without their consent and objectifying them as objects of entertainment and pleasure.

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I would definitely be pissed if someone shoots me like this while I am there to enjoy a match. Now, can’t women even watch a match in peace without fearing that the next day their videos will be all over social media with the hashtag #NationalCrush?

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