Gender Equality: Cadbury Lauded For Recreating Its 90s Ad & Showing A Female Cricketer

Advertisements play a vital role in shaping a society’s outlook. Given that this is the 21st century, several brands are now making more inclusive and progressive advertisements that weren’t seen back a decade or two.

For example, Cadbury recently tweaked its popular 90s advertisement in which a girl danced on the cricket pitch to celebrate her boyfriend’s century during a cricket match, reports The Indian Express. In the new advertisement, Cadbury showed a female cricketer hitting a century while her boyfriend dances on the pitch to celebrate her achievement.

Cadbury recreated the vintage ad scene by scene – the batswoman hits the ball but the spectators are almost sure that the ball will get caught on the boundary, but the batswoman manages to score a six. The boyfriend then gets down from the stands, escapes the security personnel and dances on the pitch.

Have a look:

They even used the same old jingle, ‘Kuch Khaas Hai’, in the new ad! Have a look at the old advertisement here:

Times Now quoted Anil Viswanathan, Senior Director of Marketing at Mondelez India, saying, “It was a young creative in Ogilvy who came up with the idea and we instantly loved it. Clearly, that ad was iconic, it created a trend and it was culture leading at that point in time and we feel that this representation has also the potential to be culture leading. It is topical, celebrates women achievers in sports and women achievers in life.”

Not only is this a trip down memory lane for Indians, but many loved the progressive twist that was given to the iconic ad. Several people lauded Cadbury for going with the changing times. Have a look:

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Kudos to Cadbury for such a nostalgic yet powerful ad!

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