Cab Driver Waits For 1.5 Hours At Night, Refuses To Leave 2 Women Till They Get Home Safely

Recently a Twitter thread about how everyday scenarios are scarier for women than men went viral. And though it was written by a woman hundreds of miles away, it was painfully relatable to me and going by its viral status, to more than 85k others. It got me thinking about how despite cultural differences, the world over women shared this reality with each other.

Forget the rest of the world for a second. Let’s talk about India. As a woman, I have to be extra cautious about my safety every time I take a cab at night, everytime someone comes to make a delivery home, every time I go out on a date with someone I met online, every time I step into a trial room… The list goes on.

However, in light of the momentum the current wave of #MeToo has gained in India, it gives me hope that not only will men who mistreat women be held accountable for their actions, but at least a portion of the male population will also realise how toxic this current misogynistic culture is.

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Therefore it is always heartwarming when stories about men going the extra mile to ensure the safety of women, comes to light. Like when the Mumbai driver-conductor duo made an entire bus wait till a female passenger got an auto late at night.

And turns out, it wasn’t just a one-off case. Recently another woman tweeted about an Uber driver who’d gone out of his way to make sure she and her mother would be safe.

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Twitter user Priyashmita Guha tweeted about how her Uber driver waited for 1.5 hours with them after reaching their destination after they could not get inside their residence as the gate was closed.

The driver named Santosh insisted on staying with them as it was 1 AM at night when he dropped them off.

Priyashmita also says how despite having another ride to get to, he put their safety first.

Twitter users are praising Santosh for his good deed, especially since many cases of the cab drivers themselves harassing their female passengers have been reported.

Uber themselves have responded to the tweet, thanking her for sharing the incident and praising Santosh.

This is, in fact, welcome news when as a woman, given the current scenario, it makes it even harder to trust men. Stories like this need to be shared as well, but the end goal should be to reach a tomorrow where in our country, and moreover the world, there shouldn’t be a need for such precautions. Having said that, kudos to Santosh for making our day better with his good deed.