Cab Driver Tells Man It Will Take Him 5 Mins To Arrive As He’s Having Samosa, Offers Him 1 Too

Generosity and humbleness costs nothing but it definitely makes you the talk of the town for good reasons. At a time when it’s really difficult to trust strangers and unknown cab drivers in a big city, this person made us realize that not everyone’s a monster.

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Taking to Twitter, a man named Monark Moolchandani shared, in a now-deleted post, about an interesting incident with a cab driver in Gurugram.

He shared that when he booked a cab in the city, he instantly got it. In a couple of seconds, the guy called him and informed him that he was having samosa somewhere so it would take him another 5 minutes to come and pick Monark from his spot. To this, Monark responded with an ‘Okay, I’ll wait on the main gate.’

But what made this incident worth sharing was when the cab driver asked him, ‘Aap bhi khaaoge to 1 le aau?’ (Should I bring 1 for you too?)

On reading about this sweet conversation, people online had a good laugh. But a majority of people wanted to know if Monark had the samosa or not.

For those interested, he didn’t have the samosa.

This guy said it’s good he didn’t because not everyone can be trusted.

Earlier, a guy narrated how his cab driver made sure he slept after his flight and took him for breakfast. An ex-MD of Google also shared the story of his kind cab driver.

There are all kinds of people (cab drivers) in the world. But those that will offer you a samosa are very less, for sure.

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