Bystander Hijacks A Street Performance And Blows Away The Crowd With Her Soulful Voice

Our society works in a definite routine and we try our best never to break it because we’re afraid that everything will go wrong. We walk on the same roads everyday, crossing the same people and we never stop to say hi, just for the sake of taking a chance. And then we complain how mundane our lives are. Thankfully, we get to experience moments of pure magic when some people do come out of that pattern to show their love for art.

In a video that’s gone viral recently, a seemingly random bystander can be seen enjoying a street performance. However, soon enough, she joins them and surprises the public and the singer with her voice.

Lampa Faly is a singer from Senegal and is proficient in Reggae and Jazz. He can be seen performing on the streets of Belgium in front of a packed crowd, singing Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’. And while the crowd claps on, you can notice a woman sheepishly joining in from a corner.

Although she’s quite reluctant at first, she approaches Faly’s mic and literally steers the performance in a whole new direction. While Faly’s version was slow, this woman brings a certain punch to the song with her powerful voice. And the crowd absolutely enjoys it and cheers for both the bystander and Faly for making their day.

You can watch the video here:

Going by the woman’s professional clothes and shy nature, if you’re thinking that she’s a random bystander, she’s not. In fact, she’s Dasha Pearl from 2014’s ‘France’s Got Talent’, where she impressed judges with her resounding vocals and 60’s inspired acts. And thanks to her and Lampa’s collaboration, the internet just became brighter and gave us yet another chance to appreciate Bob Marley’s expertise.