Buxar’s DM Throws Himself In Front Of A Train. Leaves A Chilling Suicide Note Behind.

Death is the cruelest of all punishments a person can entrust upon him/herself and the people who dearly love them. Sadly, the number of lives we lose to suicides are just climbing up the charts.

In another unfortunate incident, Mukesh Pandey, District Magistrate of Buxar (Bihar), ended his life by coming in front of a train in Ghaziabad on Thursday night. His body was recognised by the identification cards found in his pockets, as his head was separated from his body.

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The police also recovered a suicide note that was written in English. A 2012 batch IAS officer, Mukesh undertook his responsibilities as the District Magistrate of Buxar on August 4. The suicide note said,

I am Mukesh Pandey, IAS 2012 batch Bihar cadre presently posted as DM Buxar. I am committing suicide of my own volition and after my death please inform my relatives about my suicide. I am residing in room 742 of Leela Palace, Delhi. Detailed suicide note in my bag.


He was in Delhi because of his uncle’s illness. He called up Buxar’s deputy development commissioner, Mobin Ali Ansari, and left him in-charge, while he was gone. Mobin spoke to Hindustan Times and said,

“I received an SMS from the DM at 3.36am on Thursday, asking me to come and take charge. He mentioned that he had to urgently leave for Delhi as his uncle was not well.”


According to a Hindu report, Pandey also sent a WhatsApp message to his near and dear ones, informing them that he’s committing suicide. The message said,

“I am committing suicide in district centre area of janakpuri west delhi near hotel Piccadilly by jumping off the 10th floor of the building (sic),” he wrote in the message.

I am fed up with life and my belief on human existence has gone, my suicide note is kept in Nike bag in room 742 of Leela Palace Hotel in delhi! I am sorry I love you all! Plz forgive me!”


The Delhi police was informed and they reached the location as fast as they could. But they did not find him, as he mentioned the wrong location. 


Pandey was earlier posted in Katihar, Bihar and had just moved to Buxar. He did not even unpack his stuff. He was yet to shift his wife, who he married in 2014 and their 2-year-old daughter.

Police is trying to recover another note that he left in his bag in Leela hotel, Delhi. They are also trying to find out why Pandey took the step to end his life. All his close ones said that they noticed nothing unusual in his behavior.

May his family find the strength to deal with the loss.

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