Businessman Claims Mumbai Will Become Like Kolkata Soon As The Smartest People Are In Bangalore

Every year, hundreds of youngsters shift to big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad to establish their careers. However, there has always been this argument about which city helps an individual the most in fulfilling their dreams and Mumbai and Bangalore are the big fishes in the game.

However, businessman Aakrit Vaish, who is the CEO of Haptik (a Reliance Jio platforms company), recently expressed that Bangalore apparently has the smartest people of our generation and that if Mumbai doesn’t buckle up, it could become like Kolkata in the next 20-30 years.

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Have a look at his tweet here:

This started a huge discussion (read: debate) under the comments section about whether what the man is saying made sense or not. A lot of people came to the defence of Kolkata and claimed that the city is often misunderstood.

Others defended Mumbai and took a dig at Bangalore’s roads, autorickshaws, and startups seeking funds from the city of dreams!

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Do you agree with Aakrit Vaish’s statement?

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