Guy Shares Touching Story Of Booking Business-Class Plane Tickets For His Indian Parents

We cannot possibly repay our parents’ debt. All those years filled with sacrifices, hard work, and unquestioning devotion towards their kids is something that we cannot match. But what we can do is gift them little moments of joy and fulfil their lifelong wishes.

For example, one guy named Gaurav Sabnis, who is settled in the US and is a Professor, took to Twitter to narrate how he gifted his parents the experience of flying business-class after being able to afford to do so.

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In his heartwarming thread, he expressed how excited he is for his mother to have the experience for the first time ever.

He also highlighted the many problems women face while travelling.

For example, the availability of washrooms for women to visit while travelling on the road is scanty. Hence, many avoid drinking a lot of water.

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In contrast to India, his mother found clean washrooms at gas stations while travelling in the US. And so, she could drink water whenever she wanted. Little joys!

Due to the pandemic, Gaurav’s original plan of travelling business class with his parents didn’t work out. But eventually, things fell into place.

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Several people resonated with his story and shared their own experiences too! Have a look:

This made my heart melt!

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