Heart-wrenching Tale Of The Woman Who Was Spotted Carrying Swiggy Bag In Lucknow Streets

If you have been on the internet of late, you would have seen a picture of a burqa-clad woman walking on a street wearing a Swiggy delivery bag on her shoulder. At first, one would think that she’s a delivery partner of the food delivery giant. However, that’s not the reality behind that sad picture.

According to NDTV, the woman who has now become an internet sensation is identified as Rizwana. She had been married for 23 years to an autorickshaw driver. After her husband’s rickshaw was stolen, he ended up begging on the streets. And suddenly, one day he left home and never returned.

“He started begging on the streets after losing the only source of livelihood. He was extremely stressed and not knowing what to do, one day he left home and didn’t come back,” Rizwana told a news publication.

After her husband isolated her and her four kids three years ago, the woman didn’t give up on them. Instead, she took to the streets of Lucknow to sell disposable plastic items to make ends meet.

By earning a mere sum of Rs 60-70 every day, the hardworking woman got her eldest daughter married two years ago. As for her other kids, daughters Bushra (19) and Nashra (7), and son Mohammad Yasin (11), she wants everyone to get a proper education.

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“I recently got my younger daughter admitted to a school, and will get my son admitted next year. Along with the delivery work, I also work as a domestic help in a bid to make more earnings. I walk about 6-7 km, but my total savings at the end of any given day at work is only about ₹ 60-70.”

The family of four currently lives in a one-room house in the Janata Nagri Colony on Jagatnarayan Road in Lucknow.

The woman works as domestic help in a couple of homes in the morning and evening. To earn extra bucks, she supplies disposable cups and glasses to street vendors.

“I earn 2-3 rupees per packet which amounts to 5-6 thousand rupees a month. I walk some 20-25 kilometers daily to sell the items to street vendors. I walk so that I can save money to meet petty expenses at home,” Rizwana said.

As for the Swiggy bag seen on her, she bought the strong bag off a market after the bag in which she kept her disposal products got torn.

“I sell disposable cutlery, visiting door-to-door and local shops. I used to carry the items in a bag which got damaged. Then I purchased this ‘Swiggy’ bag for ₹ 50,” NDTV quoted her saying.

Clearing the air, she said that she doesn’t have anything to do with Swiggy.

“I don’t work for them. I needed a strong bag to keep the items and so I spotted this one from a street vendor which cost me 50 rupees.”

People online were touched by her inspiring story. This is how they reacted:

Good to see so many people wanting to help and support this woman. More power to you!

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