Tamil Nadu Thief Leaves Angry Note For Shop Owner, Because Cash Register Was Empty!

People use several security measures to keep their homes and businesses safe from burglars. Installing security alarms and cameras being a few of them. But thieves too find their own unique ways to escape the security arrangements and invade a house or a shop to run off into the night with the home owner’s hard-earned money.

One such burglar broke into a grocery shop in Neyveli in Tamil Nadu’s Cuddalore district by removing the roof tiles. But he was disappointed to see the cash chest empty and decided to leave a feedback note for the owner. He complained about the empty cash chest in the note and mentioned how upsetting it was that he had to risk his life for the theft but leave empty-handed.

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“Is it justified on your part to keep the cash chest empty when I had come to steal risking my life? To express my disappointment I have performed this ‘monkey’ act [the ransacking],” the burglar wrote in the note in Tamil.

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As soon as the shop owner discovered the attempted theft, he reported the matter to the police. Police were shocked to see the feedback note. “This is the first time we have come across such a case in our jurisdiction,” police said reports, TNIE. But they are also quite confident that the handwritten note will help them find the culprit soon.

The incident has left both the shop owner and the cops baffled and amused at the same time. What are your thoughts on the entire scene?