20 Drool Worthy Burgers That Have Re-Established My Faith In Life


So here’s the thing, burgers are life. I might sound a tad bit dramatic, but that’s the one thing we crave when on a diet, that’s the food that personifies cheese for me and that’s the goodness which keeps on giving! If you can make a perfect burger, you have achieved nirvana.

But until then, look at these babies and re-establish your faith in life..

1. When you feel like an egg for breakfast but you’d prefer it between buns!


Dish: Tico’s hangover cure


2. Breakfast pancakes, just got a whole lot more interesting


Dish: Pancake Burger


3. You don’t need a course to have a burger, you can even have it as a starter

Dish: Pulled Pork Slider


4. But the cheese is what really makes a burger…

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BURGER TIME – It's the 9k milestone time & the perfect way to celebrate it is with a rich decadent burger #hackroulette burger @bangbangcafe . This has a perfect combo of umami, chilli, cheese with a wagyu pattie between a toasted brioche bun 😋😋 . . . HACKROULETTE – Wagyu pattie, smoked cheese, chilli con carne, umami sauce, lettuce, tomato with a shot of pickle juice ($16.9) . . . #burger #hackroulette #bangbangcafe #surryhillseats #surryhills #sydneyburgers #chilli #burgerporn ##lickyourphone #foodiefetish #dessertmasters #fdprn #EEEEEATS #beautifulcuisines #burgerlover #sydney #sydneyeats #sydneyfoodie #sydneyfoodieblog #sydneyfood #sydneybloggers #reservethemoment #foodporn #cheatmeal #foodgasm #fbas #cheeseburger

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Dish: Hack Roulette Burger


5. It should look like a beautiful cheesy waterfall!

Dish: Dirty Burger


6. The larger it is, the better our chances are of being blissful

Dish: The Great Burger


7. When you want a double of everything, because just one juicy patty won’t cut it

Dish: Double Truffle Burger


8. And incase you like your burger with a crunch


Dish: Sunday Roast Burger


9. Because bacon is the yin to your burger’s yang

Dish: Double Cheeseburger


10. When two of your favourite things have a baby together!

Dish: Mac n Cheese Burger


11. And sometimes, it’s just about the meat

Dish: The Harlan Burger


12. And who said a burger can’t be healthy and still look like a million bucks?

Dish: Tuna Burger


13. Because even if you’re vegan, you need a little burger in your life

Dish: Beet Quinoa Burger


14. And if you feel like eating some Japanese food, it doesn’t mean you have to let your burger craving slip

Dish: Sushi Burger


15. And we drool equally at every burger, no matter it’s colour!

Dish: Charcoal Pesto Chicken Burger


16. It could be blue, like the ocean, where we like to stuff our faces

Dish: Beef Burger


17. Or green like our camping trip where we devour sloppy joes

Dish: Green Tea Burger


18. Even your favorite donut can make you a savoury, drool worthy burger

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If you're still getting toned for the summer #donut try this @sodajerksnet – I call it the captain crunchtime burger! It's glazed donut bun, juicy beef patty mini cinnamon sugar donuts, peanut butter, strawberry jelly and chocolate sauce all topped off with some captain crunch will have you wanting more or wanting to do some extra crunches. #nameyourcraving #yeg #yegfood #yegfoodie #edmontoneats #foodporn #foodpic #icu_food_connoisseur #ig_food #eatyeg #foodgasm #foodagram #edmontonfood #igfood #gastropost #getmytab #foodpics #foodporn #foodie #burgergram #donutgram #peanutbutterjellytime #burgerporn #burger #homersimpson #donutlove #fitforlife #eatclean #yegfitness #fitnessinmymouth

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Dish: Captain Crunchtime Burger


19. And the burger doesn’t limit itself to savoury, it blends perfectly with molten chocolate!

Dish: Dark Chocolate Oreo Burger


20. And then it becomes BFF’s with chocolate and strawberry, leaving us wondering why this hasn’t happened before

Dish: Ice Ice Baby Burger

Have you found the burger you want to spend the rest of your life with? I know I have!

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