Bumble Now Has An ‘Intimacy Without Commitment’ Option, Is Dating Culture Getting Worse?

Dating apps, which were once seen as a great way to find love, are now often blamed for harming romantic relationships and changing dating culture for the worse. These apps make people seem like products you can browse through, encouraging users to judge others based on looks and brief profiles. This turns dating into a game of swiping, where people are always looking for the next match.

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And now, the popular dating app Bumble has added another option under the ‘What do you want from your Bumble date?’ section – intimacy without commitment. This is basically just a fancy term for casual hookups.

The problem with dating apps nowadays is that it is extremely fast-paced, prioritizing quantity over quality. Instead of getting to know someone deeply, users quickly move on to the next option. And then they tend to complain about being unable to make lasting connections. With so many choices available, people are constantly thinking there might be someone better just a swipe away.

But building human relationships takes time, patience and most importantly, effort. That is the beauty of human connections.

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A lot of people think that dating apps are going to cause the downfall of human relationships. The culture of casual encounters promoted by dating apps has made traditional dating seem outdated. This shift has led to a focus on temporary fun, they believe.

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On the other hand, a significant number of people thought that this new feature by Bumble was a good idea because it helps to keep things transparent. Casually hooking up with people was prevalent even before the age of dating apps. The only difference is that it was much more discreet. Now, it is open.

What are your views regarding the current dating app scene?

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