BUDx, The First Ever Electronic Music Lab, Is Debuting In India And We’ve Got All The Deets!

For all lovers of music and good beer, Budweiser Experiences is the mecca of great gigs! They’ve brought some of the world’s biggest music festivals to India, including Tomorrowland and Electric Daisy Carnival & Sensation, and the Indian audience has loved it.

Magic happened when Budweiser Experiences collaborated with Boiler Room! Since 2016, they’ve managed to bring to these desi shores some kickass artists like Roger Sanchez, Oceantied, and Sandunes! And continuing the legacy forward, you can expect to see Inga Mauer, Teebs, Dualist Inquiry and many more this time around.

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And now, Budweiser Experiences, in association with Boiler Room, brings to you BUDx, an electronic music lab! A three-day extravaganza to be held in New Delhi, December 6th-8th!

Okay awesome! But what’s so special about this one?

You know what I’ve always hated? The fact that so many amazing international experiences end up coming to India the last—be it Hollywood movies, comic conventions or even musicians on tours. But this situation is about to change with BUDx!

India will be the first ever country to host BUDx before it is taken to other countries! How cool is that? No wait, how AWESOME is that?

But I believe, you’ve got more questions. Read on to get your mind = blown!

So, what is BUDx all about?

Picture this: huge artist names, talks, workshops, masterclasses and live DJ performances co-curated by Boiler Room!

The idea behind this mammoth collaboration is to bring artists and fans closer like never before, and promote electronic music as a powerful medium that brings everyone together.

And I haven’t even gotten started on the line-up yet!

OMG! Tell me who’s going to be there?

Brace yourselves!

Arjun Vagale, DJ Mo City, Rohan Kale, MadStarBase, Abhi Meer, Dualist Inquiry, Rana Ghose, Lost Stories, Inga Mauer and so many more local and international bigwigs of the electronic music scene! And you get to interact with them like never before!

A panel talk with Gaurav Malaker/BLOT! Count me in.

How would you like to enjoy an electonic music set from Arjun Vagale?


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Or watch two artists race against a clock to collaborate on a live sound and visual piece? And how about a masterclass by record producer TEEBS himself?

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What’s a Budweiser Experience without a mind-blowing grand finale, right?

You’ll love to come for all the amazing collaborations and learning experiences, but want to stay back for the kickass after party in true Boiler Room style! Think closed underground music scenes with a secret line-up that will be announced soon!

Not that I need to convince you anymore, because come on! But here, watch this video as a last bid to blow your mind!

Say no more, I’m sold! Where do I sign up for this epic event?

It’s pretty darn simple, folks. Simply register here!

Don’t forget, December 6th-8th is going to be one helluva experience with BUDx!
See you there!